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Be an Angel - це неурядова організація з Берліну, що з 2015 року активно допомагає біженцям інтегруватися. Маючи за плечима досвід допомоги з кризою біжецнів в Європі у 2015, годуванням 1200 людей на день у Белґраді в 2016 та роботу у таборі "Морія" (Лесбос), Атенах та Кале, зараз ми працюємо у Молдові і допомагаємо з евакуацією українців. Звʼяжіться з нами, якщо вам потрібна допомога!

Be an Angel e.V. is an initiative of people from the media, culture and marketing who work together with their network for the sustainable integration of people with a history of flight.


Be an Angel is currently the only NGO in Moldova taking care of the refugees from Ukraine, 90 percent of whom are women and children. Be an Angel is appealing for donations to support the refugees with measures:

  • Shuttle in Moldova for the refugees in Germany
  • Supply of hospitals in Odessa, Kiev and Lviv with medicines
  • Accommodation and network in other federal states

Be an Angel e.V.

IBAN DE37100708480145225900

We are evacuating people from Ukraine who are stranded in Moldova. Donate now so that we can continue to run regular buses to Germany!


On December 03, 2021, at 11:00 a.m., Andreas Tölke, Chairman of Be an Angel e.V., was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Schloss Bellevue with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In addition to Andreas Tölke, 14 other people who are active in the field of integration and support for refugees were awarded the Federal Cross of Merit.

In his speech on the occasion of Volunteer Day, the Federal President emphasized the need for civic engagement and thanked the honorees for their outstanding commitment to coexistence in Germany. These 15 people – according to Steinmeier.

September 2015, we rolled up our sleeves. And have never pulled them down since. What has changed? We have become more professional. With daily office hours, an office, full-time staff, a network of refugee initiatives, in politics, in other EU countries and even in the refugees' home countries. With data protection, filing and all the bureaucracy that is necessary. (No, that's not fun - but it’s necessary...).

At the EU external borders

Humanitarian emergency aid. It cannot be that there are tent cities in the EU, in which people have to live for years. Without schools, without secure asylum procedures, without adequate medical care, malnourished and poorly equipped. See Moria. We help on the ground. Were in Budapest when 1,200 people didn’t even have anything to eat and gave out a hot meal for 1,200 people for three months. We were in Calais. Same picture. We are active in Greece. With partners on the ground.

Be an Angel e.V. today:

For each other – accompanying people with refugee experience in Germany. For humanity – supporting refugees at the external borders. For a life at home – fighting the causes of flight.

In 2016, things did not get better – only different.

Many had to leave Berlin, were redistributed. We have kept in touch. In Saxony, Brandenburg, Bavaria, NRW, ….. And those who ended up somewhere else naturally found new friends who were not better off. We built up a network in the Federal Republic to support the people on the spot. The asylum procedures were a joke (and still are today). In 2016, the first decisions on “subsidiary protection” were made for Syrian refugees. That means: despite fleeing the war, no right for the family to come to Germany. Almost two thirds of the decisions were overturned by the courts – it was still difficult to get permission for family reunification. We had turned into a kind of property management – 17 apartments, various rooms with temporary rental contracts – and above all the LAF, which was supposed to take over the costs of housing. Actually. In some cases, we “fronted” the money for years until all the applications were finally processed. One night in a four-bed room costs up to 28€ per person, for which we could almost rent the penthouse…. In 2016, we were knee-deep in absurd asylum procedures, organized language courses, enrolled children in school, accompanied the first divorces and were often invited to dinner in the new apartments.

In 2018 we will finance ourselves

No longer being dependent on donations. Nice idea. so we can safely forget that. So: on the initiative of the association we found a GmbH to start the restaurant Kreuzberger Himmel. Why a GmbH? Because we can use the profit as it seems right. Of course, Be an Angel e.V. strictly adheres to the requirements for non-profit status! And gladly so! The association has received an earmarked donation with which a GmbH was founded. So: The Be an Angel Gaststättenbetriebs GmbH with the aim to take over the restaurant Kreuzberger Himmel starts. On 04 January it opened. Space for 110 guests, a team of 13 employees from “only” six nations at the time – all with a history of flight, only two with gastronomic experience. It became a success story! Also for the association – which lives mainly from the income of the restaurant. And continues to take action against incorrect asylum decisions, saves people from deportation, finds jobs and apprenticeships – coaches employers in intercultural misunderstandings and advises on subsidies. We are on the good side of “human trafficking”, quite successful. In addition, lengthy meetings with administration and politics – politicians are surprisingly often “full of good intentions” and then the mills of the administration grind….. We moved to the district office Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain, into the foyer. For a small fee. Thanks to District Mayor Monika Herrmann.

2020 and now also Corona…

The first people from Moria arrive in Germany. We meet Salam Aldeen, who initiated TeamHumanity and has been active in Lesvos since 2015 – an intensive cooperation develops. In February we were in Moria – by far the most terrible thing we have ever seen. On site: first completely helpless – then we met people who would have the right to family reunion. Since then we have been fighting for their rights on the Greek and German side. In addition, thanks to Murat Tuermis and the Stern Foundation, we were able to raise so much money that we can finance emergency surgeries for children. The Kreuzberger Himmel, our restaurant, has virtually disappeared as a source of income due to Corona. Nevertheless, we have been cooking there for the homeless since March. We were able to distribute over 10,000 meals thanks to short-term funding from Aktion Mensch. The issue of “money” – we still do everything through donations. Have organized charity dinners, collected at Start Next and Better Place. Corona is slowing us down.

In Germany

For empowerment: people should live their own lives. We don’t look for new friends (if it comes up: fine!). We clear the way – for studies or training, the job they like, an apartment, and if everything goes well: just buy the Mercedes. We don’t want ghettos. We want (nice) neighbors, next to us, wherever we live. We want those who are here and have the right to be here, to pay our pensions one day, and the children to move around the houses with our children. We want it to be understood: Men and women are equal. Without ifs and buts. Sexual orientations are a fact that no one can “choose”. Religion is a private matter. We talk about everything with everyone. Always at eye level.

In the home countries

The best thing is when people don’t have to flee in the first place. In the case of war and terror, this is usually the only chance. But not always in the case of poverty. We support producers in their home countries, currently Syria and Lebanon. Our new project: We import products directly from the producers – small family businesses that can continue to operate thanks to our hard Euros. As of September 2020: the project is picking up speed! Network is there, importer found, online store coming. Sustainable food for the German market.

We have been doing this since 2015

It started “quite harmlessly” – in September 2015 with the accompaniment of refugees in chaos: We were at the LaGeso (then State Office for Health and Social Affairs) – today: LAF – State Office for Refugee Affairs). We opened our apartments to the people who didn’t even have a roof over their heads. We were in line with people from three in the morning for registration. We were at the social court to force the authority with urgent applications to give the people what they were entitled to: something to eat, a doctor, a bed. We distributed clothes, found doctors who treated people even before they received their health cards, and at one point we had rented 17 apartments as an association.

2017 across (almost) all borders

“Refugees” were no longer “sexy” – donations declined, but our “machinery” kept running – so did the costs. So we did auctions of contemporary art together with the auction house Christies. Around 55,000€ came together. With that we: Occupied our first office for three months, provided a hot meal every day for 1,200 people who were living in half-ruined former warehouses with no supplies at all. We moved into our first office, hired our first employee, held our first open office hours. And we placed the first people in training and jobs. We continued to accompany the asylum procedures – the absurd notices from the BamF continued to arrive regularly. In the meantime, we were on a first-name basis with the first lawyers. We were in Calais and delivered relief supplies.

2019 did not please us

In Germany, rights for refugees are being dismantled more and more. Apparently, the Geneva Convention has disappeared somewhere in the drawers. With integration it works, if initiatives like us, open doors and support people. In the authorities, asylum seekers are usually under general suspicion. No matter where the people come from, it is first assumed that they want to deceive us. Also for us as escorts: insanely exhausting. Change of lane (with a training contract there is residence): a lot of paperwork and then, despite the start of training, attempts are made to deport them.

No. 1


Be an Angel initiates cooperation and is an agile sparring partner between or for different groups: government agencies, initiatives, organizations, associations, helpers, media, companies and refugees.

No. 2

Projekt development

We are incubators for practice-oriented, pragmatic projects for integration, “track” them, and then, after an intensive “proof-of-concept” phase, release them into independence or other support.

No. 3

Media relations

We use our know-how and our networks to create the urgently needed attention in the media for initiatives and projects. So that we can reach more people and move them positively.

No. 4

1:1 Direct aid

In close cooperation with initiatives, organizations and private supporters we also help directly “at the people”: In the procurement of donations in kind, accommodation and work, as well as in dealing with authorities.

Your donation helps! Guaranteed.

We guarantee 100% use of the donations for the activities of the association. Our account details are:

Be an Angel e.V. Account 014 522 59 00 BLZ 100 708 48 (Deutsche Bank)

IBAN DE37100708480145225900 BIC DEUTDEDB110

If you would like a donation receipt, please be sure to let us know your postal address so that we can send you a donation receipt – even if it is only to prove to you that your donation has arrived and will be used for the desired purpose. Please understand that we will only issue a donation receipt for an amount of 50 EUR or more.

For once, here's something to please the palate:
Be an Angel is now very successfully conjuring up Syrian specialties on the table with refugees.

Welcome to our restaurant KREUZBERGER HIMMEL.

We are looking for reinforcement: Berlin - Federal Volunteer Service - Full-time

We are looking for reinforcement: Berlin - Federal Volunteer Service - Full-time
Merciless good humor and a beaming smile, sense of humor even in crises? Fearless in dealing with authorities? Structured way of working and nerves of steel? Do you have at least three months of time and desire?