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Be an Angel is a voluntary initiative of volunteers who commit themselves in their spare time. Therefore, we ask you not to measure us in terms of accessibility and response speed against private-sector companies or large charitable organizations. Please contact us according to the priorities listed below, so that we can get into conversation in a targeted and speedy manner.

Thank you very much.

For questions and suggestions about networking and partnerships:

Project development
For questions and suggestions on information and materials for helpers:

Media relations
For questions and suggestions regarding media and public relations work:

1:1 Direct support
For questions and offers of direct assistance:

Would you like to support Be an Angel financially?

Of course, we are also happy to receive financial support for Be an Angel.

We guarantee 100% use of the donations for the activities of the association.

Our bank account details are:

Be an Angel e.V.
Account 014 522 59 00
Bank code 100 708 48 (Deutsche Bank)

IBAN DE37100708480145225900

If you would like a donation receipt, please be sure to let us know your postal address so that we can send you a donation receipt – even if it is only to prove to you that your donation has arrived and will be used for the desired purpose. Please understand that we can only issue donation receipts for amounts of 50 EUR or more. Thank you very much.