No Stranger Place

No Stranger Place is about relationships and what becomes possible when people form them. The portraits of refugees and locals living together are a powerful way of visually representing those connections, in a way we can all relate to.

The photographs show people just like ourselves. In their stories, we discover what individuals have in common. Their shared values are stronger and matter more than their differences.

In September 2015, photographer Aubrey Wade, Sarah Böttcher and Stjepan Sedlar set out to document locals and refugees living together in Berlin, initiating No Stranger Place. The project was born out of a desire to respond, as so many volunteers and ordinary people had, to the unfolding European refugee crisis. In partnership with UNHCR, No Stranger Place gained momentum and took the team, now joined by writer/producer Nadine Alfa, to other European countries.

Berliner Zivilgesellschaft startet Hilfskonvoi
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